Overheard Rashida Tlaib:' We'll introduce Jihhaad to America'

Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan was reportedly overheard from a Web page of the White House saying she had intentions to commit treason in the most explicit way imaginable.

The day before this morning, Senate Post, Will D. Portcha, was doing his rounds when he exceeded by using Tlaib's office the location she was once in the midst of telephone dialogue. He says she used to be in "highly agitated, ranting, and raving mood" and that "she seemed to have an agenda." Portcha pulled out his camera to record a diatribe element: "Americans don't understand anything positive! Everything they know is trash.

We will be giving them what they deserve. Somewhat evoking the heavens! They'll in no way miss it! We do not understand what they were hit by The Jihhaad is like getting God into your mind! That's how top-rate it is, am I correct? I am of course! You know it!
We're going to send Jihhaad to America, and this is u.s. when we do. That won't be the same anyway!"More research in our section revealed functions for commercial enterprise licenses in various states for an agency to be named' Rashida's Jihhaad Distribution,' under the slogan ' Sending Allah to Your Home.' It is unclear whether or not such applications were approved, but all the paperwork seemed to be right.

We don't need to let Jihhaad live any more in America. It stinks, and will potentially disturb our American bodies. Keep this down now.
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